6 Dec 2019

Member Of Parliament Will Be Deprived Of Cheap Food

According to the latest reports coming in from Parliament. A major decisions has been taken regarding the canteen in Parliament.  The decision may be implemented from next session.

Right now the food in the Parliament canteen is available at a very low price. Tea in Parliament canteen for two rupees, dosa six rupees, two vegetables, pulses, raita, papad, salad, roti and rice thali costs Rs 18 and non-veg thali costs Rs 37. 

The price at which a poor common man could never get food.  The MPs of the country used to eat such cheap food every day.  Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has given a call for the Parliament to abolish the canteen subsidy.  This will save up to Rs 17 crore every year.  

Earlier, in the year 2017, the prices of the canteen of Parliament was increased, but now it has been decided to reduce the subsidy itself.  If the news is to be believed, this decision will be implemented soon.  However, other MPs have not openly given any opinion on this issue.

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