29 Dec 2019

Is Political Harmony Bigger Than National Harmony?

According to reports coming in yesterday a video went viral of Meerut SP in which he was asking some people that if they want they can go to Pakistan which is being highly condemned.  Every political party is condemning the video and the actions of the Meerut SP.  But are the statements coming in from the various political parties justified? 

The force which are here to protect us and are taught that to serve the country is the first priority to them.  They are the people who shed their blood so that our families be protected.  They leave their families and serve the nation so that we as a citizens of the country have peaceful lives. Many a times when our soldiers are martyred their families are left to lead a life which nobody wants.  Without even an inch of frightened thoughts these brave hearts still serve the nation. When they hear some handful of people saying Pakistan Zindabad and throwing stones at innocent people and destroying public property then what should they have done?  Do these people who are against the country be praised and everyone should have said Pakistan Zindabad or these people should have been condemned.  

The political parties are condemning the actions of SP of Meerut but what should have been done?  It is our country and as a citizen of this country we must protect it. The SP with his force was trying to stop people who were throwing stones, he was doing his duty as a citizen of the country and when he hears some people supporting other nation then he was left with no option but to do what was at that time he thought was right.  No one can teach our armed forces including the police how to behave when they see enemies within the country or outside the country.  At the point of crisis some instinct decisions happens by everyone.  It may be anyone.  Many a times even our political leaders say many things which aren't necessary and are not right.  

Are our political advantages so big that we are letting people of our country to stand against each other or we at this point of time stand with the nation and not as any community but as citizens of this country.  

We at MediaNews 18 request everyone to please maintain calm and peace and stop giving our do's and don'ts.  This is not leading us anywhere but this is actually exaggerating things.

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