26 Dec 2019

Journalist Deepak Chaurasia Lashes Out At Arundhati Roy For Her Twitter Statement

So far, Arundhati Roy, who is known for supporting Jihad in Kashmir and Naxalism in the country, has given some strange advice to the people of Delhi.  

Describing the new way of Khilafat of NPR, Roy said that when it comes to asking your name, then tell the wrong name, like Ranga Billa, Kungfu dog.  Arunadhati did not stop here and said that she should give her address as Seven Race Course Road.  As everyone knows that Seven Race Course Road means the official address of the Prime Minister of the country.  

And everyone knows who Ranga Billa is.  Ranga Billa is the name of two hard core criminals who are accused of raping an innocent girl and brutally killing her along with her younger brother.  

Above suggests that Arunadhati's opinion for the whole country is that the whole country should become a color badge.  After this video of Arunadhati appeared in the media, senior journalist Deepak Chaurasia has lashed out at Arunadhati.  

On the tweet, Deepak Chaurasia has written that Arundhati Roy ji, surrender your passport tomorrow, fill a new form and write your name Ranga-Billa!  Give address 7 Race Course Road. Then apply to get your passport registered. And then I'll see how you can get the Booker Prize next time!  Such intellectuals can be well-to-do workers  

This tweet of Deepak Chaurasiaji is being liked and retweeted by well-known journalists and big celebrities.  BJP leader and actor Paresh Rawal retwitted and said you said it deepakji.  Noted singer Malini Awasthi also retweeted it.  This tweet has received 8 thousand five hundred likes so far.  This series is still going on.

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