12 Dec 2019

Maharashtra IGP Abdul Rehman Resigned

 Ever since the Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed in both houses, opposition to it has started to be seen in every corner of the country.

As reported earlier in Assam too, there was a massive violent protest on the Citizenship Amendment Bill, when the protesters threw stones at the Chief Minister's residence and the residence of BJP leaders, there were reported fire incidence in the city.  It is now reported in this episode that an IPS officer has resigned in protest against this bill.

According to information received from sources, Abdul Rahman, who was posted IGP in Maharashtra Human Rights Commission, has resigned from his post.  While tweeting on Wednesday, Rahman has said that the Citizenship Amendment Bill is against the basic structure of the Constitution.  I condemn this bill.  In civil disobedience, I have decided not to be present in the office from tomorrow.  I am finally resigning from my service.  Also, Rahman has also shared his resignation with his tweet.

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