2 Dec 2019

Priyanka Chopra Joined Congress?

During the Congress public meeting held in Delhi, the capital of the country, it seemed as if Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra had joined the Congress party.  During the public meeting, a senior leader of Congress shouted slogans of Priyanka Chopra Zindabad bi mistake.  A video of which is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

 Actually, Congress organized a public meeting on Sunday in Delhi.  During the meeting, Congress leader Surendra Kumar started shouting slogans.  He along with the public present chanted slogan- Sonia Gandhi .... The public said- Zindabad.  Then he said, Congress party ... the crowd said with enthusiasm - Zindabad.  Then said, Rahul Gandhi ... the public said - Zindabad.  And then slogan was made, Priyanka Chopra .... The public said - Zindabad!  

So the crowd who came to listen to the leaders and the public meeting on the stage were taken by surprise and the leaders sitting on the stage started seeing each other and said what happened to Congress leader  who is raising slogans of Priyanka Chopra Zindabad instead of Priyanka Gandhi.

 This whole sentence is becoming increasingly viral on a video social media, people are commenting in various ways.  On the other hand, on Twitter, people started trolling Congress on this video.

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