2 Dec 2019

Unique Proposal Of Love By Member Of Parliament

Could anyone imagine a debate going on in Parliament and suddenly one MP got up and expressed love to his lover.  

It may sound weird but it happened not in Parliament of India but in Parliament of Italy.  

These type of incident is not the first of it's type in Italy as Italy has seen something similar in the House earlier as well.  

According to reports coming in when an MP was debating during the Parliament session in Italy, then the MP proposed his girlfriend for marriage in a packed session.

 According to reports, the Italian MP's name is Flavio de Muro, his girlfriend's name is Elisa de Liao. 

De Muro proposed to his lover Alyssa for marriage in the house,  she accepted his proposal.  

After his proposal fellow members of the MP congratulated him.  

However, Speaker of the House Roberto Fico has said that during the debate, MP Flavio has done this act unfairly.  Actually, when the MP proposed his girlfriend, there was an ongoing debate in the House on the reconstruction after the earthquake.

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