2 Dec 2019

Real Reason Why Devendra Fadnavis Became Lowest Tenure CM

BJP MP and former Union Minister Anant Kumar Hegde from North Kannada Lok Sabha seat of Karnataka has raised questions about the appointment of Devendra Fandavis as the Chief Minister in Maharashtra.  

He has said that the BJP did this drama to make Fadnavis as the chief minister to save the fund of 40 thousand crores.

This fund could have been spoiled by the Shiv Dena Alliance and could have misused the funds.

If Congress, NCP and Shiv Sena had come to power, they would have misused  40 thousand crores.  

This is the reason why this money of the central government could not be used for development so a drama was incorporated for this.  

Why did they do this drama?  Didn't we know that we don't have a majority and still become CM.

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