19 Dec 2019

Sana Ganguly Controversial Post

According to the reports coming in a post by Sana Ganguly, daughter of former captain of Indian cricket team Sourav Ganguly, has created a lot of media hype.  The post created such a sensation that the fire of the post reached Pakistan.  
Sana Ganguly's post is becoming increasingly viral on social media because the post describes the current conditions of the country.  However, the post has been removed and his father Saurabh Ganguly has appealed to keep his daughter out of politics by stating that she is young.

 Actually, the post that is causing so much uproar is not Sana's own views.  The bottom line of what Sana has written in this post is that the movement started on the basis of hatred lasts only till the atmosphere of fear and conflict persists.  

In today's time, those who are feeling safe by thinking that they are not Muslims, they are in the world of fools.  Along with this she wrote that the RSS i.e. RSS has already been targeting those youth who are influenced by leftist historians and Western culture.

If you look at the whole of this post from top to bottom, then you will know that in reality these are not Sana's own views.  Sana herself has finally written that these are parts of Khushwant Singh's book The End of India.  That is, Sana stole portions of this book and posted on the present situation.  But what should it be known for a small time that when a theft takes place, it is bound to create a ruckus.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has also tweeted the same part, which was shared by BCCI President Sourav Ganguly's daughter on his Instagram account.  On Thursday morning, Imran wrote on his Twitter account, Khushwant Singh had already told how India can further racial discrimination.

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