4 Dec 2019

Self Made Swami And An Absconder Builds A New Nation

Self made Swami Nityanand who is absconding in the allegations of rape is said to have introduced a new nation of his own.  He has now become the owner of a country.  Nityananda named this country "Kailasa".  

This information is known from the website called  Although this country is in which corner of the world, it is not yet known.

According to the reports it is written on his website that Kailasha is a country which has been made for Hindus.  This is for those who have lost the right to be a Hindu in their country.  It is designed to protect Sanatan Hinduism.  

On this website, in praise of Swayambhu Baba Nityananda, it has been said that Nityananda is a sadhu to revive Kailasa.  Even Nityananda has his own passport, flag, government department, school, everything.

 Significantly, Swayambhu Baba Nityananda has a case of rape and kidnapping in Karnataka, while there are cases related to harassment in Gujarat.  Gujarat Police is searching for Nityananda.

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