4 Dec 2019

Electoral Gift To Voters By Kejriwal Government

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has given election gifts to Delhiites before the Vidhan Sabha elections in the capital of the country.  

According to the reports CM Kejriwal has announced that Delhi will have Free WiFi from Decembesaid that in the first phase, 22 lakh people will be able to use free WiFi simultaneously, for this 11 thousand hotspots will be installed.  The first 100 hot spots will be inaugurated on 16 December.

According to the information out of 11 thousand hotspots installed in Delhi four thousand hotspots will be in the bus stop and other remaining seven thousand will be placed in the markets. 

Each hot spot will have a range of 100 meters radius.  Its expenditure will come as close to Rs 100 crore.  

Under this scheme, 15 GB data per month will be given free to every person.  This ratio will be 1.5 GB per day.  The average speed will be 100 Mbps.  150-200 people can use a hot spot at a time.

An app has been created to use Hotspot, this app will be introduced soon.  In this app, you have to fill your KYC details.  You will have an OTP in your phone and inserting it will make your connection work.  Your connection from one hot spot to another will not be cut.  It will automatically take the connection to the next hot spot.

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