11 Dec 2019

Steps For Execution Of Death Sentence

Today we are sharing with our readers details which is being done when jail authorities are executing hanging of the criminals who are agiven death sentence. Those sentenced to be hanged are hanged only after sunrise. 

In summer season hanging is carried out at six in the morning and at seven in the winter.  The culprit is bathed at five in the morning before being brought to the gallows home.  The magistrate then asks the convict about his last wish.  

After this, the culprit is brought to the hanging room by hanging in a black cloth.  After bringing in the hanging room, the culprit's hands and feet are tied with rope or handcuffs.  After this, the mouth of the convict is covered with black cloth.  

After which the hangman's noose is tightened in the throat of the convict, after which the jail officials and magistrates standing nearby look at their watch and point at the executioner.  The executioner gives the liver medicine as soon as the hint is received.  After which the convict swings on the noose.  

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