20 Jan 2020

5 Ways to stay Healthy In Winters

Winter are lazy and hectic.We have plans for our holidays and simultaneously we have different celebrations planned in advance. Winters mean shorter days and chilled weather, so finding motivation to  stay healthier becomes even more difficult.We prefer lying in our bed and having our sip of hot tea or coffee. No matter how much it makes you lazy but there are 5 ways that everyone should follow to stay healthy in winters.

Say bye-bye to winter tiredness

Going out in winter is a bit scary situation for all of us. But to stay fit and not to gain those extra pounds,exercising is very necessary. Try to go out for a walk,use stairs instead of lifts and escalators, try some winter sports. If it's too cold outside, prefer indoor exercises. There are several content available online, which suggests number of fun workout videos and exercises that too from the comfort of your home.

Take care of your diet

Eating during winters can be a big challenge. On one hand,we have different celebrations and parties lined up, and on the other hand, craving for carbs increases in this season and thus making us ignore the important nutrients.We should eat more green vegetables and fruits in winters. We can also play with spices when it comes to cooking. Along with making food tasty, it also adds to our healthier diet.

Take care of your skin

Cold, dry air makes our skin look red, itchy, tired and dry. It is very important to take extra care of our skin in this season. Use a good, fragrance free cleanser and do not forget to moisturize skin after cleansing. We should always carry a moisturizer with and moisturize frequently, especially our hands and face.Make sure to use sunscreen every time we step out of our house

Keep yourself hydrated

Summers do remind us that we are thirsty, but winters fails to do the same.Drink plenty of water, it will keep you hydrated and flush out toxins.Indulge yourself in warming winter teas such as natural ginger and lemon,which will keep us hydrated and will also give us a warm relief in winters.

Proper clothing is the key

Staying warm in winter is the necessity and also a big challenge for all of us. To protect oneself from cold and weather, make sure to have a protect jacket, and do not forget to cover your head and ears with a scarf. To protect hands, go for thick pair of gloves.Always keep your feets covered by wearing socks and while stepping out of the house,opt for a good pair of boots or shoes.

Have a happy and cozy winters.

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