10 Jan 2020

Attackers Who Attacked Students Of JNU Identified

As reported earlier students were attacked by masked attackers at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, the country's capital.  Delhi Police have identified the attackers in the case.

In a press conference of Delhi police in New Delhi called for disclosing the names of the attackers had said that JNU Students Union President Aishi Ghosh, alumni Chunchun Kumar, Sucheta Talukdar, Priya Ranjan, Yogendra Bhardhaj, Vikas Patel, Dolan, among others, were involved in Sunday's JNU violence.  And those people have been identified.

Giving information about the case, the police said that online registrations were to be done from January 1 to 5th in which theses four student organizations were against.  The student organizations prevented and threatened the students from registering their names.  Police has registered a case against the four organizations.  Police has registered a total of three cases so far.  Police has also released photographs of the suspects.

 According to the police investigation, on January 5 the attackers attacked the rooms of the Sabarmati Hostel.  Attackers formed WhatsApp groups to attack.  However CCTV footage of the violence has not been found.  The police have identified the accused based on the viral video.  Police has spoken to about 32 witnesses to identify the attackers.

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