15 Jan 2020

BSP Supremo Celebrates Her Birthday

Today, BSP supremo is celebrating her 64th birthday.  On the occasion of her birthday, Mayawati has attacked the central government and said that the BJP and the Congress are doing political politics.  There is an atmosphere of tension in the country.  The situation of the country is worse than the time of Congress, the economy of the country is getting worse day by day, due to which there has been an atmosphere of tension and fear in the country.

 Addressing the media, Mayawati said that Bahujan Samajwadi Party is a disciplined and cadre-based party.  Our party believes in peaceful protests.  Our party workers have not taken to the streets to protest the amended citizenship law, nor have they damaged any kind of government property.  Our party peacefully opposed and voted in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to oppose the law.  But BJP and Congress are doing abominable politics in the country, due to which there is an atmosphere of fear and tension in the country.  If the BJP follows the Congress' footsteps, then soon the BJP will lose power from other states as well.

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