15 Jan 2020

Snake Child Of Odisha

So far you must have heard that snake leaves it's skin and gains a new one but have you heard that a human leaves his skin like a snake.  Yes, there is a child in Odisha who leaves his skin like a snake.  People call this child human snake.

 The name of this child is Jagannath.  It is being told that Jagannath leaves his skin every month.  Doctors say that it is a disease that occurs one in 6 lakh people.  This disease is called Lamler ichiosis and there is no cure for it.
 This 10-year-old child lives in Ganjam district of Jagannath Odisha.  Every month thick and dark rashes on the body of Jagannath appear.  Every month, after the skin is removed, new rashes come out again.  Jagannath has to be bathed every hour, so that the moisture does not get reduced from his body, because his body skins degrades due to the lack of moisture.  Which hurts him a lot.

 Jagannath's eye has a collodial membrane. Due to which he is not able to close his eyelids even while sleeping.  Jagannath's parents say that Jagannath has this disease since childhood.  Jagannath's father works as a laborer in the fields, from which he is not able to earn enough to treat his child.

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