23 Jan 2020

Changes Arising In Various Zodiac Signs

Confusion is being spread about Saturn zodiac sign.  Famous Pandit Kapil Sharma Maharaj of the famous Kashi of the country has told that Saturn is changing the zodiac sign on 24th January, which is completely wrong.  Saturn will change the zodiac on 17 February 2020.  According to Pandit Kapil Sharma Maharaj, your self-sign from Sagittarius will transit in Capricorn from February 17 and due to this effect, the last day from Sagittarius, the second day and Aquarius will be Capricorn and the first will be Saturn.  All these three zodiac signs will remain in the seven and a half century.

 Pandit Kapil Sharma has told that Shani is neither of enemy nor friend of anyone.  Rather Saturn is the judge himself.  Shani gives fruits according to his karma to all creatures of the world.  According to Shri Sharma ji, the zodiacs which are half-and-half and gracious, should be recited by Hanuman Chalisa daily and Sundara Kanda.  People of such zodiac should not consume meat, alcohol, they should offer water on Peepal tree on Saturday and chant Shani mantra and worship Shani.  Do not lie, cunning, dishonesty for such people.  On Saturday black cow and black bull should be fed green fodder if desired.  According to Maharaj, if you are struggling with financial, mental and physical problems with such a sign, then the problem should be resolved with some qualified astrology.

 Pandit Kapil Sharma (Kashi)

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