23 Jan 2020

Nirbhaya's Accused To Be Hanged On February 01 At 7 AM

Reports coming in from jail administration has started preparations to hang the nation's terrorists Nirbhaya gangrape and murder convicts.  Tihar jail administration has issued a notice to the four convicts.  In the issued notice their last wish has been asked.  

 Gangaram hanged before the culprits

 The convicts of the Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case will be hanged at 7 am on February 01 but Gangaram is hanged before the convicts of Nirbhaya are hanged.  In fact, whenever a convict is hanged, many judicial procedures have to go through before that.  First the measurement of throat of the convict is taken, then after this the hanging rope is prepared according to the measure.  After that a dummy is hanged.  In the dummy hanging, an effigy of stone is made, whose weight is one and a half times more than the body weight of the convict.  By hanging this dummy effigy, the strength of the noose is checked.  Most of the dummy effigies in Indian jails are named Gangaram.

 It is said that Lord Ram and Ganga water are important for a deceased.  That is why the effigy was named Gangaram by combining the words Ganga from Lord Ram and Ganga water.  That's why the dummy effigy in jails is named Gangaram.

 The guilty will wear new clothes:-

 Delhi's Patiala House Court has issued a death warrant and death warrant for the four accused in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case which shocked the country.  The four accused will be hanged on February 01 at 7 am.

 It is being told that black clothes will be worn before hanging Nirbhaya's culprits.  The task of making clothes of the culprits has been entrusted to the tailor of Tihar Jail.  The tailor of Tihar jail has taken the measurements of the accused.  The tailor will prepare three types of clothes for the accused, in which there will be upper, lower and head covering cloth.  Only the inmates of Tihar Jail will prepare this clothes.

 According to Tihar Jail officials, tea is first served to the accused before being hanging.  The guilty are also called to bath.  Whether to bath or not is up to the culprits.  After taking bath, the convict is served breakfast.  After which the order comes from the jail administration, then the accused are dressed in black and their hands are tied.  During this entire process, many jail personnel of Tihar will be present.  The convict is taken to the gallows with full security.

 Before completing the execution process, the convicts will be asked to donate their will or property to someone.  After standing on the hanging board their faces will be completely covered with black cloth.  After covering the face, the jail superintendent removes the clothes from the culprit's face and checks to see if the hanging is made on the  correct way.  After which the face is again covered with black cloth.  After this, the executioner hangs the culprits after getting the hint of pulling the lever, the executioner pulls the lever and the accused hangs on the noose.  For nearly two hours the body of the deceased hangs on the noose and the investigation of his death is done.  After which, when the death of the convict is confirmed, his body is sent for post-mortem.  The body of the convict is not handed over mostly to the family.  As the body can be misused.

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