23 Jan 2020

Winters and Makeup: Here is the complete guide for you

Winters makes our skin look dull and lifeless.But this weather can't stop us from looking beautiful or experimenting with our makeup.There are few tips to  keep in mind while choosing makeup products to get that glowing skin.

1. Moisturizers are your best friend.

We all face the problem of dry skin in winters. So never forget to put moisturizer everytime you clean your face.People with dry skin can go for heavy moisturizers and those with oily skin can opt for light weight moisturizer.Moisturizer gives a fresh base for makeup.

2.Never skip a primer.

Most of us have tendency to skip this step while applying makeup. After moisturizing,they directly jump to foundation or concealer.But primer acts as a perfect glue to your makeup and also helps your makeup to stay for long.But make sure you use right primer that best suits your skin type.If you have dry skin go for oil based primer,if your skin is oily or normal go for a creamy primer.

3.We all know foundation is the soul of our makeup.

Choosing the right foundation, ultimately decides how our makeup will finally look. Try to avoid matte foundation in winters, as they will make your skin more dry.You can also mix your foundation with the moisturizer,and apply directly on skin.Do not forget to apply foundation on your neck too.

4.Okay so now let's conceal and put compact.

Once you have properly blended and applied your foundation. Conceal your face to cover that uneven skin.After that apply compact powder, especially in the under eye area to set your concealer.

5.Now it's turn of our eyes to look beautiful.

Winters are all about glowing makeup. So when it comes to choosing your eye shadows go for colors like silver,copper or neutral colors like pinks,nudes or browns.Also apply brown shade on lower waterline and remember to give a glittery look to inner corner, which will enhance the look of your eyes.

6.It's in the eyes.

Now here comes our most favorite step, giving a different look to our eyes.Gone are those days when black eyeliner was the only option.Winters are all about experimenting with different shades of eyeliners.Finish it by applying a coat of mascara.If your are someone who likes applying Kajal too, you can go for it.

7.Let my lips do the talking.

Winters are all about dry and lifeless lips. The best thing to do before applying your lipstick is to put petroleum jelly on the lips and then apply your lipstick. It will not only hydrate your lips but will also give it a smooth touch.Avoid matte finish lipsticks in winters, they make your lips look dry.You can also go for tinted lip balms and here you have that beautiful glowing lips.

Happy Winters.

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