23 Jan 2020

Pakistan Now On It's Knees With India's Relations

Pakistan, who has been internationally mocked  and maligned on the issue of terrorism in the world, has finally fallen at the feet of India.  There has been economic recession and bad conditions in Pakistan, now Pakistan is beginning to understand that enemity from India has turned it's fortune expensive.

 Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan is now trying to convince India.  Imran Khan has said that when Pakistan's relations with India become good, then the world will know about the conditions of Pakistan.  Pak PM Imran has said that our thinking is only to make Pakistan a better country.  But this is possible only after peace with India and India-Pakistan relations are normal.  Imran has further said that our neighboring country is India, but unfortunately our relationship is not good.  But one thing will definitely say that once the relationship between the two countries improves, the world will understand the reality of Pakistan.

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