30 Jan 2020

Chinese Government appeals people, Eat Vegetables,Not Meat

Coronavirus is spreading across the world. In China, around 7800 have been infected till date and 170 people lost their lives because of this virus. Chinese government after taking all the necessary measures,has now taken help from Army to protect people from this Coronavirus.

Starting from China, this virus has now affected 17 countries worldwide. Meanwhile, many airlines have stopped their flights to China. China's military is being deployed throughout the country to help infected people, medical personnel and ordinary people in every way.

Chinese government has requested to the people to stop eating meat and start eating vegetables. Carnivores have been banned in 21 cities across the country, including all cities in China's Hubei Province. Farmers have been asked to grow more and more vegetables.

China's Ministry of Agriculture has issued an order that all the agencies of the country should be engaged in food production so that there is no food shortage in the country. Efforts are also being made to increase imports of fruits and vegetables from neighboring countries. In Wuhan, more hospitals are being built to help people.

The Chinese government has said that it will take care of the safety of all people in China, no matter to which country they belong. He emphasized that China will continue to strengthen cooperation with the international community.

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