28 Jan 2020

Facts About Lord Ganesha You May be Unaware About

Lord Ganesh also known as Gajanan Maharaj holds the position of the first deity in India. In the beginning of all our religious works we first worship Lord Ganesha. Born at 12 noon on the Chaturthi of Bhadraprada Shukla Paksha. He has the honor and powers of all the gods. There are many interesting stories about Lord Ganesh  which we are hardly familiar with. We are going to tell you some interesting facts here.

Mother Parvati kept fast 'Punyak' for the attainment of son. Due to this fast, Goddess Parvati had Shri Ganesh as her son.It further says that the idea of ​​Goddess Parvati to build Shree Ganesh was given by her friend Jaya and Vijaya. Her friends told her that Nandi and all others follow the orders of Mahadev, so you should also create someone who obeys your command. Influenced by their idea, Mother Parvati created Shree Ganesh with the filth of her body.

According to Shiva Mahapuran, the Druva offered to Shriganesh should be long with three knots.

Do you know the color of Ganesha's body?  It is described in Shivpuran that Ganesha's body color is red and green. In this, red color is considered as a symbol of power and green color is a symbol of prosperity.So lord Ganesha is considered the symbol of strength and prosperity.

You won't believe but he was also called mythological journalist,as he wrote Mahabharat, as Vyasa recited it. It is believed that Vyasa requested Lord Ganesha to write Mahabharat. To write this, Ganesh placed a condition that while he is writing, there will be no interruptions in between.

According to the Brahma vaivarta Purana, when all the gods and goddesses were giving their blessings to Shree Ganesh. Shani Dev was standing with his head down. When asked by Parvati, Shanidev said that your son could be hurt if I see him. But when Parvati insisted, Shanidev saw Balkar and shortly after that there was incident of beheading.

Lord Ganesha had two wives, Siddhi and Buddha. He also had two sons named Kshetra and Laabh.

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