19 Jan 2020

Guarantee Card Released Of Kejriwal Government

The Kejriwal government has released its manifesto for the Delhi Assembly elections.  The Aam Aadmi Party has named its manifesto as Kejriwala's guarantee card.  Today, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has launched it himself.  While issuing the guarantee card, Kejriwal has said that this is not his manifesto, the manifesto will be released later.

The key points of Kejriwal's guarantee card

 The Kejriwal government has said in its guarantee card that 24-hour power will continue and 200 units of electricity will remain free.  High tensuon wires from Delhi areas will made spider web free.  Every home of Delhiites will get water from Kosi and 20000 liters of water will be available for free.  It will be the responsibility of the government to provide good education to the child born in the state till graduation.  Delhiites will get benefit from modern hospitals and Mohalla clinics.  The Kejriwal government has said in its guarantee card that the slum dwellers of Delhi will be given a permanent house.

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