18 Jan 2020

Is there a rift between PM Modi And Amit Shah

Reports are coming in for a rift between Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the country and Amit Shah, the Home Minister of the Modi government.  

This is the version of Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh, Bhupesh Baghel is saying.  Regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act and NAC, CM Baghel has said that there is estrangement between Modi and Shah and the country is getting upset due to the estrangement between the two.  CM Baghel made this statement during the ceremony of the elected representatives in the urban body elections in Raipur.

 CM Baghel has said that there has been estrangement between the two leaders as Amit Shah says that NRC will apply, then on the other hand PM Modi says that NRC will not apply.  Now who is telling the truth and who is lying is beyond understanding.  But due to mutual disputes between the two, the whole country is suffering.

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