15 Jan 2020

Nirbhaya's Accused Hanging Delayed As Mukesh Mercy Petition Is Pending

Big news has come out of Delhi in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case.  It has come to light that the convicts of Nirbhaya will not be hanged on January 22, as the mercy petition of the convicts is under consideration.  In such a situation, it is not possible to hang the four convicts on 22 January.

Today, the application of Nirbhaya gangrape convict Mukesh is being heard in the Supreme Court.  Among Nirbhaya's convicts, Mukesh has demanded a moratorium on the death warrant.  

Rebekah John, who is fighting the case on behalf of Mukesh, has stated for Mukesh that Mukesh's mercy petition is still pending with the President, in such a case, the death warrant should be cancelled.  The culprits cannot be hanged on January 22.  After the verdict on the mercy petition sent to the President, the culprits will have to be given 14 days time.

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