16 Jan 2020

Oldest Woman Candidate In The Election Fray

As elections are held all over the country and in every election there is some or the other discussion.  But today we will discuss a never heared discussion.  

In a weard incidence a 97-year-old elderly woman has entered the electoral fray in Rajasthan.  Here Vidya Devi, a 97-year-old woman, is in the fray to try her luck in Sikar's panchayat election in Rajasthan.  Vidya Devi is contesting the election of sarpanch.  She has filed her nomination, not only this, the woman herself is campaigning for her election.

 According to the information, Major Shivram Singh of Vidya Devi has also been the sarpanch of the village many years ago.  This time, the seat of the village has been reserved for a woman Candidate due to which she is trying her luck by contesting the election of sarpanch.  This will be the first time in the history of Rajasthan, when a 97-year-old woman will be contesting the electoral arena.  Along with Vidya Devi three other women are also in the fray.

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