27 Jan 2020

Pankaja Munde to go for a day-long hunger strike

BJP leader and former BJP minister Pankaja Munde to lead a day long fast and protest in Aurangabad on Tuesday.She will bring forward the issue of water crisis that the farmers are facing in Marathawada. She will be holding the fast in front of Aurangabad Divisional Commissioner's office. Former CM Devendra Fadnavis and many senior leaders will be participating in the fast.

Pankaja Munde said,"We are going to organise a day-long hunger strike over the issue of Marathawada water crisis and want the Uddhav Thackrey government to take measures to resolve the same. The protest is also about other problems which are in Maharashtra.Due to the lack of water, farmers are facing difficulties in Marathawada. Owing to low produce and lack of funds, they are not able to provide education to their children. The lack of water has increased unemployment in the region.

She urged the leaders of Maharashtra to join this movement and fight for the rights of farmers and she is hopeful that this one day strike will be really helpful in taking big steps for the benefit of farmers in future and will also bring the attention of Maharashtra government over the crisis.

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