24 Jan 2020

Two Suspected Cases Of Corona Virus Found In Mumbai

The dreaded corona virus which has spread in China has now knocked India as well.  Recently 2 suspected infected people with this virus have been found in Mumbai.  

As per reports coming in these two persons have returned from China.  After two suspects found infected with Corona, BMC has made a separate ward at Kasturba Hospital in Chinchpokli.  

Also, doctors appointed at Mumbai International Airport have been ordered that if people from China show signs of corona virus then they should be sent to the ward immediately.  Directions have also been given by the Maharashtra government in this matter.

About 17 people have died due to Carona virus in China.  The corona virus is also spreading in many animals such as cats and bats.  

According to health officials, the corona virus is spreading through the consumption of sea food.  Corona virus causes symptoms like cold, cough, difficulty in breathing and fever in humans.  The corona virus also caused extensive damage to the kidneys and lungs.

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