26 Jan 2020

Unique Demand By Priest Of Balaji Temple

Protests are being held across the country over the amended Citizenship Act and the Citizenship Register.  In this episode, the priest of Balaji temple of Hyderabad has made a unique demand to the government.  CS Rangarajan, the priest of the Chilkur Balaji temple, has demanded that the government give citizenship to Hindu deities.  Priest Rangarajan has requested the government that all Hindu deities like Venkateswara, Sabarimala be registered citizenship under the CAA section.  The priest says that if the refugees can be given citizenship under the CAA law, then why the temple deities cannot be given citizenship.

 Priest Rangarajan further said that the threat to Hindu temples and religious organizations of India has increased now.  The government wants to control Hindu temples and religious organizations on the basis of judicial and law.

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