25 Jan 2020

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev on CAA

The protests on the citizenship law is taking place in different parts of the country. Shaheen Bagh in Delhi has all eyes on it, from last 40 days.The protestors in Shaheen Bagh are not ready to accept the law and are opposing it right from its implementation.Amidst this protest, Baba Ramdev also expressed his views on the law and said that protesting on the road is not good. As much as Hindus have the right to live in India, Muslims too have equal right to live here. The yoga guru said, why are they afraid? unwanted fear is there in the country.He further added that without any reason, this matter is getting politicized.Our religions may be different, but we all are same. He will stand with every Muslim who loses his citizenship because of this act.

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