7 Feb 2020

Around 24589 People Have Passed Away From Corona Virus As Per Unconfirmed Reports

According to latest survey in China lately around 24589 people have died so far by the impact of Corona Virus in China.

Corona virus has taken a furious look in China.  Recently the statistics of deaths due to corona virus in China have surfaced.  The Chinese government which has still been hiding the situation have been unearthed.  According to a report in Taiwan, Corona Virus in China has so far put 24,589 people to sleep, while 1 lakh 54 thousand people are suffering from this virul infection.

These figures have been released by Chinese social sites Tencent and NetEase.  The Taiwan media claims that the government has concealed the figure of known people.  

However, after the uproar in China, social sites have removed data from their sites.  The Chinese government has not yet made any statement in this matter.  Earlier, the Chinese government had said in its statement that so far 636 people have died due to corona virus, while 31000 people are fighting the disease.

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