20 Feb 2020

Bhopal Gas Accused Arrested

After four years, the CBI has arrested the accused who was absconding in the gas scandal on the night of 2 and 3 December 1984 in Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh.  The CBI has arrested accused Shakeel Qureshi from Nagpur, Maharashtra.  CBI produced Shakeel in Bhopal District Sessions Court from where he got bail.

Shakeel Qureshi was in-charge during the gas leak at Union Carbide Factory.  Shakeel was sentenced to a lower court, but he had not appeared in the court since 19 February 2016.  4 years ago, the court ordered Shakeel to appear in the court, but the accused had not appeared in the court for 4 years, he disappeared overnight with his family.  Qureshi is an accused in the Bhopal gas scandal.  He was in charge of the shift on the day of the incident.  There was a gas leak in Bhopal's Union Carbide Factory.  Thousands of people died in the incident.

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