8 Feb 2020

Most Accurate Delhi Exit Polls 2020

So now when the voting has been completed, now comes the time to know the exit polls of Delhi. Though the results will come on 11th  February. In the Valentine's Week, it will be clear whether Delhi will keep saying Kejriwal And will choose him as their valentines or claims of BJP's victory will be proven right. According to the Exit poll this time the seats of BJP will increase and hence it means that AAP will suffer loss.

While the Congress will be able to perform better than the last election. In the last election i.e. in 2015 Delhi election, AAP won 67 seats a one-sided victory, the remaining three seats came in BJP's share. And the Congress had to be content with zero. This time AAP may get only 40 to 50 seats. But BJP can get a tremendous edge and the party can get 30 to forty seats.

The Congress too can get up to 5 seats. This election can repeat the figures of the elections held in 2013. However, at that time the AAP got only 28 seats. The BJP became the largest party with 31 seats and the Congress got only 8 seats. According to exit polls, the results are going to be very interesting. Let's wait till 11th February and see how surprising the results will be.

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