3 Feb 2020

Political Parties As Well As Airways Companies Urging Voters To Vote In Delhi

There is only a few days left in the Vidhan Sabha elections of the country's capital, Delhi.  Political parties have given their full strength to gain power.  On one side political parties are trying different types of tactics voters to get votes. 

The air travel company are also enticing voters to vote. SpiceJet company which provides air travel has brought an election plan for those living outside Delhi.  The company says that on February 8, whoever comes to Delhi to vote and returns the same day, the company will pay for their air travel.  Such a passenger will get fare on both sides.  Not only that, which comes on February 7 and returns by casting a vote on the 8th, the company will pay its fare on February 8th.

 The company says that to take advantage of this scheme, one has to first register on the company's website and at the same time motivate people to vote on social space, after which the passenger's name is shortlisted, then the passenger will get this offer.

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