3 Feb 2020

Sensex falls on first business day of week after budget

The share market has shown negative signs from the very start of the month and today on the first business day of the week after Finance Minister presented the Union Budget
the stock market today opened on red mark. 

The Bombay Stock Exchange Sensex opened with a loss of 35 points at 39,701.02. The market is fluctuating continously, from the day Union Budget was presented.On the day of the presentation of the budget on Saturday, the stock market saw a huge decline. The rupee has also lost 32 paise. National Stock Exchange (NSE) Nifty also lost 35 points in the morning to open at 11,627.45. After this, the stock market started to fluctuate.

Significantly, the budget presented on Saturday did not showed very positive signs for the stock market. Because of the budget, this time the stock market was even opened on Saturday. During the trading, the SENSEX dropped by over 1000 points. With this, it came down to the level of 40 thousand marks.

The Nifty also saw a drop of more than 350 points and it came down to the level of 11 thousand 650 points. In the last 10 years, the stock market has not seen such a big fall on the budget day. 

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