4 Feb 2020

Sensex Mark 40,000 Above:- Cheers For Modi

Two days after the shock received on the day of Modi's budget presentation, the stock market has bounced back sharply.  

On Tuesday, the stock market started its business with a green mark.  Two days after presenting the budget, the Sensex has been reduced to a level of 40 thousand.  The same Nifty has jumped 2 percent.  The boom has increased by about 2 lakh crore rupees to the investors.

 According to the stock market, when the market opened in the morning, the stock market was on a jump of 670 points which reached 40542.  

In the same way, the Nifty quickly bounced to 11 899 with 191 points.  It is being told that in just 90 minutes the capital of the companies crossed 2 lakh crores.  Earlier, the capital was 153 lakh crores.

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