4 Feb 2020

What Is Corona Virus?

The dreaded corona virus is spreading from China has now spread all over the world.  Due to this dangerous virus, more than 300 people have died in China, while more than 2000 people suffer from this virus.  

The World Health Organization has also declared emergency regarding deaths due to corona virus.  Many cases of corona virus have also started coming up in India.  It has become a challenge to the health authorities to stop the virus.

 Corona virus belongs to the family of viruses.  Due to coron vicar, a person has problems like cold, shortness of breath and cough.  

To prevent this virus, no vaccine and its treatment has been found so far.  Although this virus has never been seen before.  This virus is so dangerous that it spreads from person to person.  The maximum of this virus is spread in Wuhan, China.  Earlier, a virus called SARS was spread in China in 2002 and 774 people died due to this virus.  Corona virus is considered to be similar to SARS virus.

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