4 Feb 2020

Anant Hegde Back Out From His Previous Speech

BJP Parliament Anant Kumar Hegde had said in Bangalore recently that Gandhi was a playwright, he did all the movements with the cooperation of the British.  At this the opposition fiercely started making statements on Hegde.  Today, BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde has said about his statement against Mahatma Gandhi that on February 1, 2020, I gave my statement.  I never made any reference to any political party or Mahatma Gandhi or anyone else, I was just trying to classify the freedom struggle.

At the same time Hegde said that the speech is in the public domain, if anyone wants to watch, it is available online and on my website.  I never said a word against Mahatma Gandhi and Pandit Nehru.  

I was just talking about our freedom struggle.  At the same time, BJP MP Anant Kumar Hegde also said on his statement against Mahatma Gandhi that all related media reports are false, I never said what is being debated.  This is an unnecessary controversy.  

He said that he had sacrificed his entire life and worked towards major reforms in the country, yet he was thrown into the dark corner of history, but those who fought in harmony with the British, were given complete independence with a certificate.  Become a fighter… This is the Trasadi of the country.

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