7 Feb 2020

Shiv Sena targets PM Modi and BJP, Praises Kejriwal

Everyone knows about the war, that is going on between Shiv Sena and BJP right from Maharashtra elections. Shiv Sena again targeted PM Narendra Modi  while praising Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Keriwal. In its mouthpiece Saamna, Shivsena targeted BJP and PM Modi on different issues just before the upcoming Delhi Elections. They raised issues like Hindu-Muslim and Batla House during the elections, while praising Kejriwal for seeking votes on the basis of work.

Shiv Sena wrote that after losing in Maharashtra and Jharkhand, Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are trying hard in Delhi. There is nothing wrong that they want to win the elections, but on one side there is army of all BJP MPs and the entire Modi cabinet gathered in Delhi, and on the other side there is Kejriwal who is overshadowing all.

Just to win elections, Modi government is saying bad about Kejriwal. If a state is doing well, then it is the duty of the PM, to appreciate that state.

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