6 Feb 2020

Campaning Ended Peacefully And Delhi Gearing Up For Election

The campaigning of the assembly elections in the country's capital Delhi has now ended.  At 5 pm today, the election campaign of Delhi has come to an end.  

On the last day of campaning of election, the political parties campaigned with their full strength.  At the last moment of election, many big names of the country from Home Minister Amit Shah were seen on the streets of Delhi, while Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia and their star campaigners also played the last stakes fiercely.  But in the last noise of the election the Congress looked dull.

 After 5 pm today, Delhi's election campaign has come to an end.  Voting will now be held on February 8 and election results will come on February 11.  

The Delhi Election Commission has made complete preparations related to the elections.  Delhi Election Commission is spending around 70 crores on this election.  The Election Commission has set 13750 polling centers on 2689 places for voting on 8 February.  To attract voters, 70 model polling centers have been set up.  All arrangements like medical, wheelchairs have been provided at these polling centers and women staff have been deployed at these booths.

 The Election Commission has set up a booth for the differently abled in every district.  At these booths, all the employees, including security personnel, will also be disabled.  

Voting will be done through QR Code at these booths.  The Election Commission has deployed over 1 lakh polling officers in Delhi.  The same companies have deployed 190 companies, Delhi Police personnel, and 19 thousand homeguards for peaceful voting.

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