6 Feb 2020

Deadly Virus Spreading In India

Even when there is chaos in the whole world due to Corona virus and around 360 people have died due to the corona virus which has hit China.  Some suspects of corona virus have also been found in India but when Corona Virus is hovering in the country, fear of another virus has erupted.

 Its root cause happens to be Mohammad Salim, secretary of Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee.  Salim says that this dreaded virus is a very dangerous virus and it has been brought by BJP.  

According to Salim BJP has decided this virus through Citizenship Amendment Act, NRC, and NPR.  India is now suffering from this dreaded virus.  Not only this, Salim says that this virus is so powerful that this virus has taken hold of the unity of the country, love, freedom, prosperity and brotherhood of the country.

 He has further stated that the virus has started from 2014 and started spreading through Beef Ban, Mob Lynching, chanting of Vande Mataram and Jai ​​Shriram, Triple Divorce, Section 370 now through Citizenship Amendment Act, NRC, and NPR.

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