6 Feb 2020

Auto Expo of 2020: New Hyundai Creta Launched In India

Today is the second day of Auto Expo 2020 in Greater Noida, Delhi. A great day and an amazing experience for all the car lovers, as many amazing cars were displayed today in the event.Auto Expo 2020 was opened to the media on the first day, but today this expo was opened to the common people of the country.

At the 15th Auto Expo 2020, the German largest automobile company Mercedes has unveiled the AMT GT 63 S 4Matic car. It is believed that this car will be the most wanted car of Auto Expo 2020. The company priced it in India at Rs 2 crore 42 lakh. This car is considered to be the fastest car, because this car can run at a speed of 315 kilometers per hour.

The same electric vehicle manufacturing company Evolet has introduced the three-wheeler electric Auto. This Auto will run 120 km in 2 hours when fully charged. The company has reported its speed at 60 km per hour.

This time Hyundai company has launched its special car at Auto Expo 2020 and one of the most popular car in the car market, New Hyundai Creta . The special thing is that Bollywood actor and King Khan Shahrukh Khan was also present during the launch of this car. Hyundai has introduced a new Creta car. This car will be available as a 6-speed manual gearbox in all options.

Due to Corona virus, this time Auto Expo 2020 experienced less people from China. According to the reports, a delegation was going to come from China at Auto Expo 2020, but their trip was canceled.

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