6 Feb 2020

Temple Gate Closed Due to Fear Of Coronavirus

The fear of corona virus can be seen everywhere. Starting from China, this virus is spreading its leg in many other countries. The result of panic can be seen clearly in Uttar Pradesh. The Dan Mahamongkol temple of Buddhist shrine Shravasti has been locked. The temple administration has put a notice board at the main gate and has blocked the entry of domestic and foreign tourists by locking the gate.It is written on the notice board that the temple has been closed indefinitely in view of the corona virus infection. It will be opened as soon as the condition improves.

However, no cases of corona virus have been reported so far in this district. Still people are aware of this. But the temple authorities had said that devotees from many countries including China, Japan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Korea, Myanmar come every year and so they wanted to take precautionary actions.

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