19 Feb 2020

Trump Being Workshipped Like God

US President Donald Trump will be visiting India on February 24 for the first time with his wife.  He will be on a two day tour to India.  

During his tour, Trump will address millions of people at the world's largest stadiums in Delhi, Agra and Ahmedabad.  Donald Trump's program in Ahmedabad has been named Namaste Trump.

During the visit of Donald Trump, a person from Telangana has expressed a desire to meet Donald Trump.  He describes himself as a super fan of Donald Trump.  Not only this, this person also worships Donald Trump like God.  

Busa Krishna, a resident of Telangana, has also got a statue of Donald Trump installed in his house.  He worships Donald Trump every morning and evening like a god.  Busa started the worship of Trump when he was elected President of the United States.

Busa says that when he became president, he came in my dream at that time.  Busa says that his devotion and worship to the trump brings peace to his mind.  Busa has placed pictures of the trump on the walls of his house, has written the name of the trump on the walls.  Not only this, he has also put a picture of Trump on the cover of his mobile phone.  Buss has appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to meet Trump.

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