19 Feb 2020

Trump May Not Sign Any Deal With India

Reports coming in from the office of US President Donald Trump where he has given a big statement before his visit to India.  Trump has said that there will be no talks on trade with India but there will be a big agreement with India.  

According to Trump India has not treated us well.  But he likes Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  We will make a major agreement with India, but not now.  I am saving the deal for later.  PM Modi has told me that 70 lakh people will be present from the airport to the stadium during the tour of India and it is going to be the biggest stadium in the world.  I am very happy about this.

US President Donald Trump is visiting India for two days on 24 February.  He will go to Ahmedabad for three hours. 

Trump will also visit Agra and Delhi.  Trump will address millions of people at the world's largest stadium, Motera in Ahmedabad.  This program has been named Namaste Trump.  Before the address at the stadium, Modi and Trump will do a road show from the airport to the stadium.  Where about 70 lakh people will be present to welcome them.

 The Central Government and the Government of Gujarat are making preparations in full swing to welcome the Trump.  It is being told that Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is spending around 30 crores to welcome the trump.  The roads from the airport to the stadium are being beautified.  Many roads have been rebuilt.  Namaste trump banners are being installed on both sides of the road.

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