28 Apr 2020

Covid-19 Moving In Unique Pattern In India And May Follow Similar Pattern Then There May be 12,60,00 Covid-19 Cases On May 25th, 2020

According to recent reports the Government of India has been thinking to uplift lockdown from some areas of the country.  This might be a good news for some people but do you realise that this maybe a bell for a worst?

If you see the pattern of covid-19 in the country there is a huge danger for the country if it follows the same pattern as it is following till day.

On February 25th, 2020, there were only three patients in the country who were infected by this virus.

On March 25th 2020, we saw the increase in the rise of the covid-19 patients as at that time the total number of patients in the country 500.

And in the same way if you see the pattern on April 25th 2020, now there are more than 25000 people in the country which are affected by covid-19.

If it follows the same pattern of covid-19 positive patients then the number shows that there will be around 12,60,000 people who would be affected by this disease on May 25th 2020.

By the numbers we can see that till now covid-19 has been following a similar pattern of infecting people.  From the monthly pattern we can see that covid-19 has shown the increase in the numbers of covid-19 positive patients by 167%.

It may be shocking that these numbers have increased in lockdown period when people were inside and social distancing was maintained by the administration.

And if on May 03, 2020, the lockdown is uplifted by the government then you may imagine what will be the numbers of covid-19 positive patients on May 25th because if in lockdown the numbers is 12,60,000 then what will be the numbers if there will be no lockdown.

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