24 Apr 2020

Gift That Made 24 Year Old Boy Billionaire Overnight

Every person in the life gets gifts every now and then.  It may be their birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and weddings.

But whatever the reasons the gifts may vary in thousands, lacs Arabi crores.  But have you heard anyone getting a gift of around 3.8 billion dollar.  Yes that's the price of gift a young man got from his parents.

We are telling you today a story of a 24 year old boy rather a billionaire boy who received a gift of 3.8 billion dollar from his parents.

This is none other than a well to do business family of China who gave their son shares worth rupees 3.8 billion dollars of their company.  

The founder of Sino biopharmaceutical Limited and his wife had transferred about effect of the company's total capital to the son Eric Tse making him one of the richest person in the world overnight.

As per law there is no tax to the inherited property and gifts in Hong Kong.

Tse was born in Seattle and most of the education he has received from Hong Kong.  He is very active on Instagram and most of the time he shares his pictures with Bella Hadid a well known model and Rihanna.

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