18 Apr 2020

Global Situations By COVID-19 Pandemic

With the death toll in US at the highest by covid-19 pandemic it is still rising.  This is the deadliest phase around the globe which has taken around 1,54,340 fatalities globally.

With total number of COVID-19 cases rising to 22,52,962.  This pandemic has taken the deadliest and heart wrenching toll in the human mankind.

With the recovery rate as low as 5,60,000 globally the countries around the world are are experiencing the phase of total lock down in the countries.

Japan has entered first weekend after the national state of emergency been declared.

In Australia millions of masks has been produced with the first mask testing facility.

US deaths has surpassed 37,000.

British Columbia has expected lifting some restrictions in May.

Africa could see around 3 lacs deaths this year by this pandemic.

Chile is going to issue immunity cards to those recovered from this disease.

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