24 Apr 2020

Situation Worsening Globally With COVID-19 Pandemic

The total number of covid-19 cases surfacing 2.7 million people around the globe.  It is the worst pandemic that has been affecting economic as well as people's life globally.

The affected 2.7 million people also includes 1,90,000 fatalities.  With 7,37,000 recovering around the globe still the total number of infected people which are being treated and undergoing treatment under various medical facilities globally has been much more then expected.

USA which has been the worst affected of all the times and as the fatalities crossing around 50,000.  In US alone around 26 million people have registered themselves as unemployed in the past few weeks.  USA is now in a struggling phase where there have been highest number of unemployment, recession and human life loss.

Manila has also extended its lock down period till May 15, 2020.

Some good news has been coming from South Africa where the government has decided to ease the lockdown from May 1st, 2020.

Vietnam has also restricted its laws and limited social distancing in the country.

India has also surpassed the total number of affected people from covid-19 to 23,000.  With 728 facilities India's active cases are still wooping around 18,000.  India has also extended its lockdown period till May 03, 2020 after with some relaxation may be given.

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