8 May 2020

Continuous Rise In The Cases Of COVID-19 In The Country

There have been a continuous rise in the cases of covid-19 in the country.  Despite all efforts of the union government still the cases of covid-19 are rising drastically.

With the confirmed cases in the country touching 57330, the mortality rate in the cases of covid-19 is 1899.

Most of the cases having coming from Maharashtra where this state has been on a continuous rise.  The present cases in Maharashtra is 17974.  Most of the cases in Maharashtra has been coming from Mumbai where the numbers are 11394.

The recovery rate of India is 29.72% which is far better then the countries like United States of America and United Kingdom.

In India the lockdown will be till May 17th, 2020 and some states may plan to extend this lock down till May end.

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