9 May 2020

Hindu Mantras Enchanted In White House On The National Day Of Prayer Service

According to reports coming in Indian priest pandit Harish Brahmbhatt was invited by US President to enchant vedic mantras White House.

The prayer service was done in the rose garden in the white House on national day of prayer service.

The invitation was sent by US President Donald Trump.  Pandit Harish Brahmbhatt enchanted Shanti mantras was derived by YajurVeda.  

The prayer service was done with the view of covid-19 and its after effects.  

Priest Harish Brahmbhatt has said that in this trouble times of covid-19 when social distancing and lockdown is being followed.  

At this time everyone is feeling low and it is not anxious to see that people feel low at these times.

He had informed that this beautiful Indian prayer has been taken from famous Hindu vedas Yajurveda before his starting to recite the prayer.

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